Trường Giang

Giang là cựu học sinh của EASB năm 2008. Đây là những lời chia sẻ khi em đang ngồi trên giảng đường của EASB.

giang - Trường Giang
HS Giang – người mặc áo da cam bên trái

“Hi, everyone! My name is Giang one of students of EASB, now I am studying degree in BIM (Business of Information Management) awarded by GCU (Glasgow Caledonia University). I will never forget my first school days when I am in Singapore. Everything was seemed to be new and strange to me with a new school, new friends, new teachers and the way they teach me. However, all the teachers and staffs are always friendly with their willingness and enthusiasms help me more confident and highly enthusiastic in my study and school’s activities as well. Now I really integrate with my friends, teachers and I hope that all the best things I have learnt from this school will be useful and necessary knowledge for my prospective career”

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